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Flirt with a 999 operator

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Reading the following column reminded me of a story I heard from a friend.

Now to the story where this trick could have been handy 🙂

Some months ago a friend got kocked out on the street while some teenagers robbed his girlfriend (they took her purse). He ran after them (very bad idea) and they (only) hit him in the face – he was knocked out, unconscious.

His girlfriend then called 999 (police) and explained the situation. The following is the transcript of the punchline:

operator: “has anyone been stabbed?”

she: “”

operator: “has anyone been shot?”

she: “no! But my friend is lying on the floor unconsciously.”

operator: “ok, in this case you have to wait 1.5h until we arrive at the scene. We can’t do anything for you now.”


Written by jk

June 26, 2007 at 10:26 am

Posted in London, UK

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