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Horrible Science or “blow your mind at breakfast!”

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Once again, I’m eating breakfast and reading the back of my cereal package. There is a series of Kellogg’s packages running with “facts” about science, explained to (?) children. If you ever wondered why children are getting more stupid with every decade, maybe that image is part of the answer.


You are presented with a text with gaps. Six gaps, the six missing words are shown in the left puke puddle.

I don’t know which age group this text is written for, but it does not sound suitable for anyone. Besides, filling in the gap is neither difficult nor pleasant. But probably the worst part is that it’s not science and contains wrong, misleading information. In 2 it says about woodlice “Bacteria in their guts help them digest their food”. Sounds slightly familiar. In 5 it says all 35’000 spider species got poisonous (= dangerous) fangs, which is not true either.

And apart from all those things, most people eat cereals for breakfast and NOBODY WANTS TO READ ABOUT COCKROACHES, SPIDERS and other insects in general.

The only thing they got right is the title — horrible science.


Written by jk

August 29, 2007 at 10:36 am

Posted in english, UK

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