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On the darkness of Britain’s Daylight Saving Time

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One sad downside of living in the UK (if you are used to living in “Europe”) and in general in any GMT+0 zone is the following:

Geographically, there is no big difference between a GMT+1 located country and the UK. This means the position of the sun at any given moment is more or less the same in both countries. Even worse, some GMT+1 countries (e.g. France) are more west than the UK. E.g. Bordeaux in France has a longitude of 0·31’W whereas London has 0·5’W!

This means, when it is getting dark in Switzerland at 17:30 during autumn then the UK experiences the same darkness at 16:30! Mix into this some smog and chemtrails from 5 airports, afternoon mist from god knows where and some fucking Nieselregen and it starts getting dark at 14:00.

When I started writing this at 16:45 it was already pitch-dark outside.

GMT+0 sucks and so does winter time.


Written by jk

November 5, 2007 at 6:10 pm

Posted in english, Switzerland, UK

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