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Graduation Scam and Teeth Whitening

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It gets more and more clear that the graduation here is a money scam! First you have to pay £44 for wearing a gown for 1 hour. Then you have to pay for a ticket for all your guests (no, two guests are not included in your £10’000+ tuition fee…). Also, if you want to get photographed alone or with your family you have to pay at least an additional £24.

I’m just booking my photographs and you can choose from some weird options. One of them is the ” What is Teeth and Eye Whitening?” option which is described as:

The Teeth and Eye Option Whitens Teeth and Eyes to give an enhanced but natural brightness to the smile. It compliments the complexion touch up option.

Heh! The “Prestige Graduation Pack with Family Photographs” costs £245 (CHF 560).

So, the average student spends around £98 for the graduation. Given that all ~12’000 students graduate the university earns a modest £1’176’000 (CHF 2.7 mio) every three years alone from graduations.


Written by jk

December 6, 2007 at 10:53 pm

Posted in english, London, QMUL

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