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Christmas Dinner #73992, Holiday

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Today we had the Joint CS/EE (computer science, elec. engineering) Xmas (Christmas) dinner (actually lunch).
The figures speak for themselves. From Computer Science 6 PhD Students and about 4 lecturers turned up, from EE a whooping 70+ persons signed up for the lunch at a nearby restaurant. Apparently, the EE department organised the music and entertainment on their own. This meant we had to listen to self-taught Chinese (EE is mostly populated by Chinese people .. don’t know why) singers — this was cute but on the same time a bit miserable. At least it fit the food we had to eat (and digest now). Goat cheese cake with onions, then some Turkey (apparently, not sure if it really was meat) and then a slimy ball of Profiterole.

This started at 12pm. Later on we went back to our “informatics hub” and had another drinks+food party organised only by our department. This went on until now. I, in comparison to some work mates, am still capable of writing this entry 🙂 which is good.

In other news, I’m heading home on the coming Wednesday 19 December. That is good too! I will stay in Basel until 6 January. See you there hopefully!


Written by jk

December 14, 2007 at 11:03 pm

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