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Last Saturday I went to Busaba Eathai in Soho (btw it is directly beside the Swiss restaurant St. Moritz and up the road of Hummus Bros!). Don’t let yourself put off by the long queues outside this popular restaurant. They let people in by the size of your group.. so if you go with two people you are almost certainly quicker than a group of six! Inside you share a large table with few other people however that should not bother you because everything is pretty stuffed anyway. The service is friendly and quick; the food itself is good (can’t really judge Thai food though..) to a very reasonable price for central London.

The toilets are surprisingly clean (remember to judge a restaurant by its toilets) but watch out, the cleverly designed, shared wash basin allows you to spy in the female toilet and the other way around (of course, I did not do that! 🙂 .. or did I?)!

All in all a very good restaurant with a nice atmosphere suitable for quick dinners. However, don’t go there if you want to spend a long, nice evening because they quickly and friendly push you out (“No we don’t kick you out it’s just that there is a large group waiting outside”) as soon as you’ve finished eating.


Written by jk

December 21, 2007 at 12:34 pm

Posted in english, food, London

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