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Hello. I’m in Arizona and it’s warm. I nearly missed my connecting flight in Houston and probably made a record to run from one Terminal E, through US border patrol, scanning left and right index finger, signing documents, collecting baggage, rechecking baggage, queuing for security check, taking belt and shoes off, putting belt and shoes on, running to the terminal train, driving to terminal B, running down the hallway to my gate to just in time catch the flight to Tucson. However, my effort was rewarded by a terribly boring flight. I guess Texas or Arizona does not make a lot of money out of sight seeing. Not to forget about the baby beside me who just learned to speak and said “nana nana” to everything for 2.5 hours.
Anyway, I’m in a fantastic hotel, spent some time on the pool and today at the PLAS workshop where I gave a talk. What you see above in the picture is the view from the lobby on a canyon out of huge windows. More pics are on the way when I’m back.

One quick fact on the weather. It’s so warm here that I’m unable to eat breakfast outside at 7 (!) in the morning because it’s simply too hot.


Written by jk

June 9, 2008 at 1:45 am

Posted in english, Travel

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