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Finally, I’m back from my trip to Tucson, Arizona. For once my flights went smoothly without any delays or anything! I went there from Friday to Monday and it felt like I’ve been away for two weeks (which is good!).

The city itself, Tucson, is not very flattering .. resembles more of a desert boot camp than a city. However, our hotel, built on a mountain (they call it canyon), was very nicely situated and was generous in all regards.

The workshop I attended was co-located at the bigger PLDI conference with a couple of hundred participants from all over the world. My talk went fine and I met some nice students from Italy, Germany and US. Here, a still empty room.

Apart from that I went to the Sonoran Desert and was lying at the pool while small, cute hummingbirds were hovering above my head attacking some flowers! Unfortunately, I didn’t make pictures of them direclty!

Oh right, and I photographed cacti. Many cacti. More specifically, most of them are of the Saguaro species which basically consists of a large phallic (!), monolithic trunk.

The whole valley and canyon is covered in large cacti, some are over 15m high and 150 years old! Here is one of them directly in front of my balcony. The flowers on top are the state flowers of Arizona:

And here a few more from the desert:

On my way back, our plane was avoiding a huge thunderstorm around New York which gave us a totally surreal and amazing view on the storm from above and the outside. Every other second lightnings lit up the huge clouds from the inside and made them look like gigantic, deformed lamps.

Also, I found a nice iPodomat in Houston! Unfortunately, it didn’t accept my credit cards for some reason .. so I couldn’t buy a nano for $140 😦

Here is the flickr set for some more pictures.


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June 11, 2008 at 4:36 pm

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  1. Put the slides online man…


    July 5, 2008 at 6:14 pm

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