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Back from Jersey since Sunday night. We had an enjoyable trip. Jersey is really small. Also, it’s so close to France that the airplane started its descent over France just to land on time on Jersey.

Anyway .. we’ve been to the beach on one of its coasts. Jersey has many huge sand beaches with only few people on. Here’s one of them:

Beside being on the beach we had a nice BBQ, went to the Zoo and made a short walk along one of the coasts. One word on the Zoo. Apparently the Jersey Zoo, or how it’s called Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust, is known for its gorilla family. Long long time ago, a kid fell into the gorilla area and instead of being mauled by the apes it was carefully protected by Jambo — a gorrilla born in Zoo Basel in 1961! — until some guards rescued the child. Swiss gorilla for the win.

We also visited (from the outside, more or less by accident) the infamous children’s home which was in the news recently for killing and abusing children!

Some more pictures on my flickr page.


Written by jk

August 20, 2008 at 7:49 pm

Posted in english, Travel, UK

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