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Today is bank holiday .. which means everybody has a day off from work except us! That said, I’m still at home, eating breakfast and writing a blog entry so it’s also bank holiday for me.

Slowly this is turning into a picture blog.. but why not. Here are three more randoms.

These are, I think, so called Weng Weng sweets and a present from my Chinese coworker. The guy with the stick-out ears is a popular brand in China.. the Weng Weng’s didn’t even taste bad!

*update*: I was informed that it’s not Weng Weng .. it’s Wang Wang!

That’s a peek into the QM gym which should have been finished 1 year ago! After the 1 year extension they have now roughly one month left to finish off the work. They started assembling the machines which is a good sign. The bad news of the gym is that there’s a female-only section! Don’t ask me.

Last but not least, something disgusting. It’s a shot of my 5-a-day fresh fruit drink at bricklane market. I think it was the kiwi-melon-apple-orange-juice mix explaining the toxic colour.. It left a nice tingling sensation on my lips due to my kiwi allergy.


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August 25, 2008 at 10:32 am

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