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I’m wondering whether I should move my blog to a real hosting provider. This would probably also mean running it from a non * domain.  I have a steady, but still small, stream of visitors everyday and I’m sure I could get (much?) more visitors by running it from a place where I could configure and optimise the page more. Let me write down the pros and cons I can come up with right now


  • Page can be better configured with cool WP plugins, better “optimised” for search engines, general look&feel improvements
  • I could run (non-intrusive) AdSense on the page and perhaps get some money. However, to make this mildly “profitable” in anyway I would need to get at the very least a tenfold increase in traffic..


  • Have to care about the actual hosting stuff which I really don’t enjoy anymore. I don’t really want to setup and upgrade wordpress nor care about a database or so.

So, in case you have experience in moving your blog to your own domain and getting it hosted then I’d like to hear from you..Is it worth it?


Written by jk

December 4, 2008 at 9:47 am

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  1. Well, I’d say it’s overall better to have your own hosting. Of course, if you are unable to administrate, or lack the time, then it’s not good for you and you should stay at some hosted service.

    However, given that you are able, the increased flexibility you get with your own hosting is worthwhile. You can basically do whatever you like.

    Setting up WP is very easy. And a tip: you should take the latest stable version from their Subversion – this makes upgrades at best a few minute jobs: run svn sw for the new stable version, go to the upgrade.php, do a quick sanity check and that’s it.

    Of course if you’re hardcore you’d have a “stable” setup and the “new” setup and the you’d do a handover between them. I’ve set up something like this – I keep one previous version always, so I can revert by just mv a directory. The problem is the database, but for that you’ll be making database backups before upgrading always, as usual, right…? If you do the truly-doubled setup you’d have two parallel databases too. But this is easy to configure too.

    Dunno what more to say, really… keep a close eye on your plugins when upgrading – check any notes to see if they break or not, they may break occasionally.

    What a long comment. Anyway, go for it. Then we can compare notes 🙂


    December 5, 2008 at 7:41 pm

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