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Talk on the Tube is a forum for Londoners who saw someone on the Tube they liked but didn’t dare/had the courage to talk her/him. People usually don’t talk to strangers on the tube. It’s quite a strange phenomena. You sit opposite to each other and constantly invent new methods to avoid eye contact with your neighbours. Popular ones are: reading the news paper, reading the advertisement, reading the tube map, watching to the left or right side, staring down or up, sleeping, ipodding, reading a book, see-through zombie gaze, or just generally looking angry.

Here’s an example message:

Message: You sat next to me at Waterloo Station while we waited for the northbound train. We got on together, and you started reading Sacred Games by Vikdram Chandra. I read a book on my PDA. You looked intelligent and gorgeous

No wonder London is full of singles 🙂

By the way, if you look closely, it’s snowing on my blog. The only thing which would make my life complete now is when market guys outside my window would stop the Love Me Tender endless loop.


Written by jk

December 7, 2008 at 12:43 pm

Posted in english, London, UK

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  1. If they have the courage to write it down, why not just say something and get it over with?! It does not have to be a direct move. It could be a smile, or one of those smart lines people come up with all the time. The one that usually gets to me is “Why do you look so sad?” but that’s just internally! My answer will still be ” Why is it any of your business?!” but I think it’s a good line.. haha!!

    I still believe in being forward and direct. This actually reminds me of the movie “Indecent Proposal” when Robert Redford tells Demi Moore about the girl he met on the underground 25 years ago and she gave him the most gorgeous smile ever, then he avoided eye contact with her and got off the train. For a few weeks he kept going back there same place same time and never saw her again. He said that he wanted to make sure this doesnt happen again.


    January 6, 2009 at 1:59 pm

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