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Office, Knife, Books, Church & Credit Crunch

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Our office is getting repainted and refurbished. This means we’ll have to move somewhere else for a few days. So today we had to clean up our mess and the one from two chinese guys who left about 200kg of rubbish in their workplaces before leaving university.

I started cleaning up, the first thing I found was this:


Yeah, that’s a proper butchers knife hidden in my office. Now I know what happened with Sunyi when Tao-yang lost his temper..

I went through the abandoned storage thing of one of the guys and found a few nice books. Most of them I don’t understand at all, but they are still cool to have. After going through his stuff, a sudden OCD-like urge to wash my hands hit me. Here’s the pic:


Next up, and totally out of context: the recession hits London apparently the most. Here’s one bar on campus offering special credit crunch lunches:


And as last pic, Christ Church around the corner. I like this building:



Written by jk

February 11, 2009 at 9:50 am

Posted in english, London

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