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So I started going to these live poker tournaments in a nice club below (or rather inside) Southwark Bridge. The first time it went very well, I dropped out at 6t or 7th position from 90 people starting. Too bad that was only one place before they start paying out money! Last time it didn’t go too well, but still learned a lot (especially how NOT to play in such a low-stakes tournament).

In other news, March is quite packed with thing. Mid-march our group organised a workshop with title “Frontiers of Computational Reasoning” at Microsoft Research in Cambridge.

End of march, I will get notified if our paper got accepted at CSF. I’m again cautious with looking forward to it, because it’s a really prestigious place and acceptance rate is low.

End end of march our (small) group within our group has another workshop planned, PLID’09 (Programming language interference and dependence), where I will give a talk about my recent research. Perhaps I’ll upload slides of it later on.


Written by jk

March 8, 2009 at 11:37 am

Posted in english, London, QMUL, Travel

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