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I’ll post on my birthday since my last update is already too long ago!

Anyway, this is quite an old image/story but it’s still pretty funny, that’s why I’ll post it. In December, I bought myself a new phone (blackberry) and of course immediately forgot my password and the 3 security questions I set on the T-Mobile website. A bit later I was on the hotline with them while they asked me the security questions which I couldn’t remember, however the Indian guy on the other end of the line probably had the answers to the questions on his screen. Since I couldn’t remember them I was given the choice to get them texted to me. I chose that option and this is what I got. Good I did not remember them.


A version of my current paper has been accepted to some small workshop on Quantitative Analysis of Software. I’m going to present my work next month in Grenoble.


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May 20, 2009 at 4:48 pm

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