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An update after a while of neglecting this blog .. too many things to do. I’m trying to finish off my phd by writing another paper in this year, and started a couple of other things (including the blog

I celebrated my (give or take) 10 years McDonalds abstinency with a big meal in our 24 hours mcdonalds around the corner! Below is a picture of the meal I had. Ok, I didn’t eat everything by myself..

The big mac was the most enjoyable burger, however the meal all together left me quite unsatisfied. I have not missed much it seems. Check back in 2020 for another anniversary and reevaluation of McDonalds.

Initially, when I started this blog I was quite surprised by a lot of things in England. Nowadays, I got used to most things.. however I noticed these 3-4 strange sauces in a rack. Why would you want to put this in your food?

Mint sauce, redcurrant jelly, hot horseradish sauce .. wtf 🙂

A random office picture


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March 14, 2010 at 7:03 pm

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